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Good BBQ is one of life's true pleasures, and I'm all in favor of enjoying as many pleasures as possible. By popular request, I have posted my commentary on the subject:

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    I regularly get e-mail from people interested in the equipment I use (i.e. my grill). I had my grill welded to my specifications by a local welding shop several years ago. Here's a picture of my grill in use in Sewanee, Tennessee.

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    I'm pretty picky about food. As you can see from my definitions page, I favor two kinds of BBQ seasonings- dry rub (Cajun Country, Tony Chachare's) or vinegar based (Wickers). While other sauces may be fine and dandy for children and yankees, these are what I consider to be REAL bbq seasonings.

    But as you might expect, this doesn't set right with everyone, and there are a number of areas of the country where they've deluded themselves into thinking anything cooked outside with a squirt of ketchup is BBQ. Shame on them.

    So I get e-mail from people who swear that if I could only taste their sauce, I'd be converted, folks who think I'm an egocentric regionalist, and folks who want me to buy their SPAM-O-Matic software. I ignore most of it. But this summer, I got an e-mail offer I couldn't refuse. Big Rick Doty e-mailed me and assured me that he had a tomatoe based sauce that I'd like, and furthermore, he'd send a sample. How could I refuse?

    As it turns out, Rick's carved out a name for himself in his area as a BBQ afficianado, and he's a pepperhead to to boot. After perfecting his version of the perfect sauce, he's drawn enough interest to market the stuff.

    Now to be honest - Its still awfully sweet and thick to me. I wouldn't cook with it, because it'd burn and get hard. BUT, It has a delightful habanero pepper bite that makes it a viable table sauce for those who like a hot sweet sauce with a hint of smoke. I'd recommend it on burgers, baked beans, and other items that could benefit from a spicy sweet kick. And its got a great label that'll look mighty impressive in your hot sauce/salsa/bbq spice collection.

    So, if that whets your appetite you can visit Big Rick's BBQ homepage or give him a call at 1-800-964-7425 and decide for yourself.

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